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When enough is enough

It is so easy to fall into a rhythm, to turn a blind eye to stressful situations, to let the world continue to revolve around you while you stay safe and secure in your unchanged little corner. So... what happens when you find yourself stuck in a rut at work but you can’t afford to up and leave when things begin to spiral downwards. You have tenure, you know the ins and outs of the workplace, and you’re probably decently comfortable in your job security. Finding a new job is draining. It takes time and effort and, yes, some lying to your boss and coworkers. It sucks.

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What does success mean to you?

Success is, by definition, a favorable or desired outcome. Many think of it as the attainment of wealth or favor.

My summer was a crazy one. Besides changing jobs, which you'll learn more about in another blog posting coming soon, I had the chance to lead a group of co-workers through a program called P3. P3 was, essentially, the best thing that has happened to me since starting my professional career almost five years ago.

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Balancing work and life and why we need it

If work consumes your life, you will, eventually, burn out. It is inevitable. I work in a creative field for a living, and that area requires my artistic side to stay always plugged in. Taking a step back to breathe is key to survival in the adult world.

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A fresh start

Being an adult isn't easy. Being an adult just out of college, settling into the "real world" and trying to understand how to actually adult is absolutely terrifying. I should know... I've been out of college for almost 4 years and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole being a contributing member of society-thing.

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