Hotels Business to Business

The B2B side of Hotels has long been cast aside as the troublesome sibling. It was outdated, forgotten, and followed no true design system.

B2B System


Design Systems

Creating consistency between worlds

The worlds of B2B and B2C don’t have to be so removed that they look nothing alike. Regardless of the audience, a company’s brand should flow because that audience can blur lines in their day-to-day lives. 

Hotel owners don’t just stay at their own hotels. They may have their businesses to manage, but they take trips and need ways to compare options just like any other traveler.

For TripAdvisor, there is no need for the hotels management center to feel like a completely alien world from its main commerce offerings. 

B2B Mapping
B2B Before and After

Supporting Enterprise Clients

TripAdvisor’s “respond to reviews” feature in the Hotels Management Center is notorious for being outdated. Beyond the world of visual design, it lacks support for any hotel chain that has more than 50 locations. 

Key accounts for TripAdvisor include Marriott, Hilton, and IHG (InterContinental Hotel Group). All of these accounts have thousands of hotels under their name and no way to manage their TripAdvisor reviews. 

For a company that is known for their quality reviews, TripAdvisor is missing out on an obvious feature for their major partners. 

Our Goals

Save and win back revenue and drive owner engagement 

Reviews Goals
Old Respond to Reviews
The New Review Hub

A New Management Center Home

Managing a property on TripAdvisor is key to generating revenue and getting seen on the commerce platform. Hoteliers can respond to reviews, run sponsored placement campaigns, edit photos and property details, and target specific audiences at specific times of the year. 

Today’s management center homepage for hoteliers is bland and lacking any true use. It simply links users away to other pages where they need to dig for performance stats and review content. We need to make the B2B management center home a first class citizen. 

old mc home

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