Reimagining Invoicing for PayPal Here

“A small change at the beginning of the design process defines an entirely different product at the end.” — Jonathan Ive

PayPal Invoicing


There isn’t always the need to reinvent the wheel. The PayPal Business application’s invoicing feature is its strongest asset. Instead of taking a second app and redesigning the same exact functionality, I built out a card system to create modules that the existing functionality could be ported into.

This possible solution reduces upkeep from the engineering team while allowing our merchant users to use just one app and not create the need to flip between applications during a point of sale with their customers. 

  • PayPal Here is a mobile point of sale application that competes with apps such as Square and Shopify. 
  • Its invoicing functionality is simply an email receipt with little to no customization.
  • PayPal has a business application that focuses specifically on invoicing.
  • Our merchant users are required to install multiple applications in order to run their small and medium businesses. 
  • My goal is to see how we can unify the experience to make it easier, and seamless, for our users to sell goods and services.

I started with workflow sketches

Working in a quick and ‘dirty’ way allows for a greater amount of iterations in a shorter amount of time. It’s a great first gut check to see if potential ideas actually make any sense.

PayPal Sketching

I looked at all of the pain points of different workflow options

Do we modularize our apps? Do we link the apps? How does the final experience feel?

PayPal Painpoints
PayPal Workflow

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