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Hotel owners are constantly running around, making sure their businesses are running smoothly. If they're not at the front desk speaking with staff and travelers, they're combing through countless websites responding to reviews, updating their advertising, and creating a favorable reputation to keep getting heads in beds. 

There are so many different networks out there that these owners need to keep up with, from Tripadvisor to, Expedia, Facebook, and Google. 

How can we, as one of the go to platforms for review collection, make their lives easier? With Reputation Management, a brand new product offering for hotel owners, we look to create a one-stop shop for owners to see all of their reviews from all different platforms and even reply without reaching for another web tab. 


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Our Design Tenants

Integrate into their daily lives...

The number one reason why hotel owners come to the B2B side of Tripadvisor is to respond to reviews. Our respond to review page actually makes up 57% of daily traffic. How can we, as a new product, guide them and give them recommendations to improve their reputation across all channels without making them jump through hoops?

Get notified

Serve owners on the go...

Hotel owners are constantly getting notified that they have reviews coming in. They might be at their desk, on a train, in a taxi, when they get a review that needs attention. By giving them customizable notification settings, across platforms and channels, we ensure that they are always kept up to date with the latest happenings on their property. 

On the go

Empower self service sales...

Hotel owners are insanely busy. By enabling self service product purchasing, they can go and get themselves set up without waiting for sales representatives to get back to them. On the business side, it then frees up our reps to go out and provide more support to customers already deep within our system, speeding everyone up across the board.

Self service

 Workflow & Process

While Tripadvisor already had a review collection and response offering, we needed to take a step back and really think about how we could relaunch such an offering that could truly change how hoteliers managed their reputation. This meant looking at the product from a strategic sense, considering the purchase or new contracts with outside partners, building from the ground up, and how we could create something that would work across our various business units. 

I was in charge of the information architecture and visual design of this revamped product, while partnering closely with Research and Product to make sure the customers' voice was heard.


My contributions

  • Lead and facilitated design thinking workshops and sprints with stakeholders ranging from product, research, and engineering to marketing, sales, and data analytics
  • Built out low level wireframes for user testing while also focusing on pixel perfect assets to handle engineering
  • Overhauled our existing review collection and response pages to fit a more modern, simple brand that would be easily recognizable as Tripadvisor without adding bulk to the pages


  • Work with a large number of stakeholders to meet business requirements while still representing the customer and their needs
  • Work across requirements from outside channels such as, Expedia, Google, and Facebook
  • Support a desktop-focused product while making it responsive for owners on the go


Review handling states
Campaign Email

A New Review Platform

Review Express

Get insights on automated review collection so you don't need to waste your time trying to track down travelers to get feedback. 

Survey Insights

Find out what's working and what isn't at your property so you can take active steps to improve your overall reputation.

Respond to reviews

Stop jumping around different sites to see how you're doing and what people are saying. See, and reply to, everything in one place.

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